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sweet paprika 100 g
BAM spices was created with the desire to offer you spice blends of the highest quality. From now on, your savoury and sweet dishes should smell of the subtle flavours of spices. Become a master of creating superb dishes!

Sweet paprika, 100 g

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BAM sweet paprika is one of the most commonly used spices. Its intense red colour will enhance tomato sauce with meatballs and its flavour will enrich your next risotto, goulash, paprikash or seasonal dishes such as sauerkraut. Add the sweet paprika at the beginning of the cooking process to allow it to develop and infuse the dish with a really rich flavour. The product is gluten-free.

Origin: Spain.

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Origin: Spain

BAM sweet paprika is a spice whose main ingredient is paprika. Its colour depends on the type of pepper and the way it is processed. BAM sweet paprika, with its intense fiery red colour, enhances dishes like minestrone, goulash, stews or other soups.Its flavour also pairs well with other basic spices such as garlic and onion, earning the title of one of the most commonly used spices. Sweet paprika is added to dishes at the start of cooking, but if you want to bring out the most intense flavour, sauté it a little before using. Easily add it according to taste, thanks to the practical dosing packaging provided by BAM Spices.
Sweet paprika.
How to store
Store at room temperature (between 15-25°C) in a dry and dark place. Keep in an original container. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.

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BAM spices was created with the desire to offer you spice blends of the highest quality. From now on, your savoury and sweet dishes should smell of the subtle flavours of spices. Become a master of creating superb dishes!

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What is sweet paprika and why is it used?

Sweet paprika is a spice made from dried red-orange peppers. It is most commonly used in the preparation of goulash, paprikash, chicken dishes and for colouring dishes.

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