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basil 25 g
BAM spices was created with the desire to offer you spice blends of the highest quality. From now on, your savoury and sweet dishes should smell of the subtle flavours of spices. Become a master of creating superb dishes!

Basil, 25 g

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BAM crushed basil goes perfectly with dishes of Italian origin. Basil can be added to bolognese sauce or to pasta with pesto sauce. It can be sprinkled over homemade pizza, used to enrich the flavour of chicken and is increasingly being used as a condiment for salads. The dried leaves will add a slightly salty-sweet flavour to dishes. To avoid losing the true flavour of the basil, it should be added to dishes just before serving. This product is GLUTEN-FREE.

Origin: Egypt.

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Crushed basil is certainly an indispensable ingredient in any kitchen, thanks to its aromatic and Mediterranean flavour. It goes well with tomato-based dishes. The flavour of basil is also great in Mediterranean dishes, salads, chicken or beef. The taste of dried and crushed basil is very delicate, so we suggest adding it to dishes at the end of cooking to bring out the most intense flavours.
Crushed basil.
How to store
Store at room temperature (between 15-25°C) in a dry and dark place. Keep in an original container. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerated storage.

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BAM spices was created with the desire to offer you spice blends of the highest quality. From now on, your savoury and sweet dishes should smell of the subtle flavours of spices. Become a master of creating superb dishes!

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