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Tofu: the versatile soy cheese

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tofu: the versatile soy cheese
Tofu, also known as soy cheese, is a versatile ingredient in vegetarian and vegan cuisine and is derived from soy milk. Its neutral flavour and ability to absorb flavours make tofu excellent for a wide range of dishes.

It is particularly popular because of its high protein and low fat content. It is a particularly popular choice for those following a healthy diet and for those looking for alternatives to meat.

What is tofu?

Tofu, a staple in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, is made from soya beans. The process of making it involves a few key steps similar to the process of making cheese from milk. First, the soya beans are soaked, then ground and boiled to produce soya milk. This soya milk is then solidified by the addition of a coagulant such as nigari (seawater secretion) or calcium sulphate. The solidified mass is then pressed into blocks of different hardness representing different types of tofu.

Nutritional value

Tofu is valued for its nutritional value. It is a rich source of high-quality vegetable protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. It is also a good source of calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus, as well as B vitamins, in particular folate, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Tofu is low in calories and almost zero in cholesterol, making it an excellent choice for those concerned about their health and well-being.


Tofu originates from China, where it was first produced more than 2000 years ago. From there, its popularity spread throughout Asia, including Japan and Korea, where it has become a key ingredient in traditional dishes. Today, tofu is popular all over the world, especially among those following vegetarian and vegan diets.

Types of tofu

Tofu is available in several varieties, differing in texture and use:

- Silken tofu: Very soft and silky, ideal for soups, smoothies, sauces and desserts.

- Soft tofu: Softer and creamier than hard tofu, suitable for soups and light sauces.

- Medium firm tofu: Versatile, suitable for baking and stewing.

- Firm tofu: Has a firm texture that works well in baking, frying and grilling.

- Very firm tofu: Even firmer, ideal for recipes that require long cooking or baking.

Its exceptional ability to absorb flavours makes tofu perfect for use in a wide variety of dishes, from Asian to Western, and can be used as a meat substitute or as a stand-alone ingredient. Understanding the different types of tofu and how to prepare it can enrich the culinary experience and offer new discoveries in the world of plant-based nutrition.


Tofu is an extremely versatile ingredient that can be prepared in many ways, depending on the texture and desired final taste of the dish. Marinating tofu is a popular method that allows tofu to absorb the rich flavours from spices and sauces. It can be marinated in anything from simple soy sauces to complex mixtures of chilli, garlic, ginger and other spices, ensuring that the tofu will serve as a tasty base or addition to your meal.

Oven-roasting tofu is another great method that gives tofu its golden-brown crust and delicious texture. This is a great way to prepare harder types of tofu, as the heat allows it to become crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. Baked tofu is excellent as an accompaniment to salads, in wraps or as a stand-alone dish.

Frying tofu at a high temperature produces an extremely crispy texture that many people prefer. Crispy tofu is excellent in Asian dishes such as stir-fry (roasted vegetables with tofu) or as an accompaniment to various sauces, which are then served with rice or noodles. This method is particularly popular for adding texture and flavour to traditional and modern recipes.

Tofu stewing is a method widely used in traditional Asian dishes. Tofu is slow cooked in a sauce or broth, allowing it to become fully infused with the flavours of the liquid. Braised tofu can be part of rich soups such as miso soup or the main ingredient in stews and curries.

In addition to these methods, tofu can also be used raw, in particular silken tofu, whose creamy texture makes it excellent in salads, as part of cold starters or even as a base for desserts. Raw tofu can be seasoned with oils, herbs and vinegar or included in cold dishes for an additional source of protein.

Whatever the preparation method chosen, tofu''s ability to absorb flavours really comes to the fore when combined with strong spices or marinades. This flexibility allows tofu to become a key ingredient in a wide range of cuisines and recipes, from simple everyday meals to special occasions.

BAM Tofu Seasoning Mix

BAM Tofu Seasoning Mix is perfect for baking, grilling and other types of preparation of vegan meat substitutes and other foods. Garam masala gives it warmth, while cumin, garlic and onion provide a meaty touch.

It goes very well with smoked tofu, whose smokiness is reminiscent of meat in the first place. When the right spices are added, it tastes like sausages or grilled steak.

It''s also unique with vegetables - you can sprinkle the spice mix over vegetables before roasting them in the oven, or season larger pieces of vegetables for the barbecue.

The blend also enhances the flavour of other types of tofu, such as plain tofu or tofu with basil or sundried tomatoes. It is also suitable for tempeh or seitan. If you are making your own seitan at home, you can use the mixture in a homemade seitan mix.

Recipe ideas

1. Grilled marinated tofu with BAM seasoning mix:

Slice firm tofu and marinate it in a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil and BAM seasoning mix. Leave to marinate for at least 30 minutes, then grill until golden brown. Serve with a fresh vegetable salad.

2. Spicy tofu with vegetables:

Fry the cubed firm tofu over a high heat until crispy. Add chopped peppers, broccoli and onions and sauté until the vegetables are crispy. Pour a mixture of BAM seasoning mix, soy sauce and a little water over all and cook until the sauce thickens. Serve with rice.

3. Silken tofu in sweet chilli sauce:

Dice the silken tofu and fry gently in a few drops of oil until a thin crust forms. Prepare a sauce with sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce and a little BAM spice mix. Pour over the tofu and mix gently. It goes well with cooked rice or pasta.

Using the BAM Tofu Seasoning Mix, you can turn these simple but tasty dishes into exquisite creations that will delight both vegetarians and anyone looking for a tasty dish for lunch, brunch or dinner.

BAM spices was created with the desire to offer you spice blends of the highest quality. From now on, your savoury and sweet dishes should smell of the subtle flavours of spices. Become a master of creating superb dishes!

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