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Taraxacum Spring: green superfoods on your plate

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taraxacum spring: green superfoods on your plate
As spring gently knocks at the door and nature awakens to its beautiful simplicity, the humble but precious taraxacum, rich in vitamins, is one of the first harbingers of warmer days.

Often unfairly labelled as a weed, this widespread plant harbours a wealth of medicinal active ingredients and offers countless possibilities for preparing delicious seasonal dishes. In this article, we reveal why dandelion is the right choice for your menu and how you can incorporate it into your diet through five original recipes.

Why is dandelion healthy?

Taraxacum (Taraxacum officinale) is a treasure trove of health. The leaves are rich in vitamins A, C and K and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium. Dandelion root is known for its cleansing effect on the liver and for stimulating digestion. Dandelion acts as a diuretic, which means it helps to remove excess water from the body, and has antioxidant properties that protect cells from free radical damage.

Why is it a great choice for seasonal dishes?

Spring is the ideal time to include dandelion in your diet. Its young leaves are less bitter and very juicy, making them great for fresh salads, smoothies and even hot dishes. The dandelion season can be extended by storing the leaves in the fridge or even freezing, allowing you to enjoy its benefits all year round. By including dandelion in your meals, you not only add freshness and flavour, but also increase the nutritional value of the dish.

How can we use dandelion in the kitchen?

There are many ways you can incorporate dandelion into your meals. You can use it fresh in salads, as an addition to smoothies or even as a main ingredient in soups and sauces. Dandelion also goes well with different types of cheese and nuts, allowing for variety in the preparation of dishes.

5 Original Recipes with Taraxacum

  • Taraxacum salad with egg and bacon

Wash and dry fresh dandelion leaves. Fry the diced bacon until crispy, then fry the hard-boiled eggs, cut into rings, in the same fat. Pour over the dandelion and season with olive oil, salt and vinegar.

  • Taraxacum and pineapple smoothie

Blend a handful of dandelion leaves, a cup of sliced pineapple, a banana, a tablespoon of chia seeds and a cup of coconut water. Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth.

  • Taraxacum soup

Fry the onion in olive oil, add the chopped dandelion leaves and pour in the vegetable stock. Simmer for 10 minutes, then blend the soup with a stick blender until smooth. Season to taste.

  • Taraxacum pesto

Blend a cup of dandelion leaves, half a cup of Parmesan cheese, a quarter cup of pine nuts, two cloves of garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil in a blender until desired thickness.

  • Taraxacum pancakes

Add chopped dandelion leaves to the pancake batter. Bake the pancakes as usual and serve with cottage cheese or yoghurt for freshness.

Taraxacum is not just a weed found at every corner, but a valuable and healthy ingredient that can be incorporated into our diet in many different ways. With its availability, nutritional value and taste, dandelion is an excellent choice for seasonal dishes that can enrich your menu and contribute to better health. Don''t be afraid to experiment and discover new ways to incorporate it into your meals. Spring is the perfect time to add a little nature to your diet with the help of dandelions.

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