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8 creative ways to make delicious enriched coffee without sugar and milk

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8 creative ways to make delicious enriched coffee without sugar and milk
Coffee is an essential part of the morning for many people. But its natural bitterness is often mitigated by the addition of sugar or milk. If you want to improve the taste of your coffee but want to avoid sugar and milk, we have the perfect solution for you - add spices.

In this article, we present 8 creative ways to enrich your coffee without using sugar and milk and give you a unique coffee experience.

1. Cinnamon - sweetness and antioxidants in one

Cinnamon is a spice that goes perfectly with coffee. As well as adding an interesting flavour, cinnamon has many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, which help the body fight free radicals. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Add a pinch of cinnamon to your morning coffee and enjoy the sweet and healthy taste.

2. Butter - a creamy innovation for your coffee

It may sound strange, but adding butter to coffee has become popular because of its creamy and rich texture. We recommend adding half a teaspoon of butter to add an interesting flavour to your coffee. Butter is particularly popular with those following a ketogenic diet or sticking to an eating schedule. Try it and indulge in the creamy delights of your coffee.

3. BAM Arabic Coffee Blend

Arabic Coffee Spice Blend is a great choice to spice up hot beverages, especially coffee.

With its rich flavour that blends the aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, pimento and pepper, it transforms a simple drink and an everyday confection into something special. Add a dash to your morning coffee and enjoy.

4. Maple Syrup - a sweet treat without the guilt

Maple syrup is a natural sweetener that goes perfectly with coffee. In addition to its rich and creamy taste, it also has many nutrients. As it does not dissolve in coffee, it is a great addition to cold coffee drinks such as iced coffee or cold brew lattes. Simply stir it into your coffee and enjoy a sweet treat without added sugars.

5. Vanilla - The Natural Sweetener for Your Coffee

Vanilla is a spice that goes perfectly with coffee. Add fresh vanilla to your coffee beans before grinding to extract the maximum flavour. If you don''t have fresh vanilla, you can use a few drops of vanilla extract added directly to your coffee cup or in your espresso machine. Enjoy the natural sweetness of vanilla, which will make your coffee even more delicious.

You can also use BAM Vanilla Sugar, which is made from 100% Bourbon vanilla.

6. Ice Cream - The Creamy Solution for Your Coffee

Why not serve your cup of coffee with ice cream? The creamy texture of ice cream will add the sweetness you need to your coffee. Choose your favourite ice cream flavour and put it in your freshly brewed cup of coffee. Enjoy the rich and creamy flavours of the ice cream mingling with your coffee.

7. Lemon or Lime - A Refreshing Combination for Your Coffee

The combination of coffee and lemon or lime may seem unusual, but you will be surprised at the flavour it will bring. Add a few drops of lemon or lime juice or a few slices of zest to your cup of coffee. Enjoy a refreshing and unique combination of flavours that will take your coffee to a whole new level.

8. Orange peel

Orange peel in coffee is an interesting but often overlooked ingredient to enrich the flavour of this popular drink. This unconventional addition can add a new dimension of flavour to coffee that is refreshing and full of aroma. When the grated orange peel is combined with the coffee grounds before brewing, the essential oils from the peel are released in the hot water, adding subtle citrus notes to the coffee. This hint of orange is not only delicious, but can also bring out the natural acidic notes in the coffee, especially in lighter roasted varieties.

Adding spices will add new flavour dimensions to your coffee without using sugar or milk. Try the different combinations of spices we have presented in this article to create your own unique coffee experience. Be adventurous and creative and discover new flavours that will make your morning routine even more delicious and interesting.

BAM spices was created with the desire to offer you spice blends of the highest quality. From now on, your savoury and sweet dishes should smell of the subtle flavours of spices. Become a master of creating superb dishes!

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