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NEW ⏐Spices in small packages

We've packed your favourite spices in smaller packages. Handy for your home pantry or on the go.


Always perfectly seasoned potatoes

With BAM potato mix. Just the right mix to enrich any potato dish.

NOW -15%

The perfect pizza at home

With BAM Pizza & Pasta mix. A blend of different spices that blend together and perfectly complement many dishes.


The miracle of natural plant oils

NEW // 100% natural vegetable oils in innovative spray packaging enrich your meals and allow precise dosing.

Extra virgin olive oil spray

Always perfectly roasted chicken

Leave the work to BAM Spice blend Tastes Like Chicken. It contains all the spices that will give your chicken a special rich note and distinct flavour.

NOW -15%

Aglio & Pepperoncino spice mix

Prepare the iconic dish, Aglio & Peperoncino pasta.

The mixture is made with a variety of Mediterranean herbs that give it a fresh and rich taste.


Favourite morning routine... ☕️ ✨

It starts with coffee and a dash of Arabic coffee blend. 

Arabic coffee spice blend

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