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Always perfectly roasted chicken

Leave the work to BAM Spice blend Tastes Like Chicken. It contains all the spices that will give your chicken a special rich note and distinct flavour.

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GOLDEN MILK - a drink full of antioxidants

Improve your immune system with one cup a day.

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Aglio & Pepperoncino spice mix

Prepare the iconic dish, Aglio & Peperoncino pasta.

The mixture is made with a variety of Mediterranean herbs that give it a fresh and rich taste.


Looking for a quick and easy dinner idea?

STOP. You are in the right place. BAM spices and spice blends help you enrich and sharpen the flavours of your dishes. They can help you prepare breakfast, brunch, a quick lunch or dinner. We've put recipe ideas into recommended categories to make it easier to find your next meal idea. The universal use of spices and spice mixtures ranges from seasoning world-famous dishes to spicing up everyday meals.

BAM tip: The Asian Spice Blend is based on the idea of five basic flavours: sweet, bitter, salty, hot and sour, which will help your Asian dishes find the ideal balance and the perfect spiciness!

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Unique Italian flavours

Discover a tempting bundle of four spices that are indispensable in Italian cuisine.

Cook like a master

Arabic coffee spice blend

Spice up your hot drinks and sweets with the rich flavour of the oriental.

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